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This site,, is a promotional website for a book, "Do it Now", published in 2012 in the amazon kindle format. You have to have a website if you're going to have a book!

And it is just as true that you have to have a blog if you're going to have a website.

Furthermore, if you have a blog, you must have a font, a webdesign, and tools. You would rather spend four hours on Saturday afternoon getting your CSS sheets to line up right and be orange or blue in the right places on iPods iPads and web browsers on computers than go to the beach. How was it done? On to the 'Colophon'.



Based on Dave Gamache's Skeleton 1.0 and fairly mangled after that, this site once had tabs that were eliminated in's later revision.

What other tools did I use? To answer questions from the lone curiosity-seeker who may have stumbled across this page by accident:

Thanks to: Appnetizens @jenni & @jools with props to Jeremy Heiler, who got me started on this blog by setting a good example with his own blog.

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